"Cotton candy" machines in Billboard

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Tue Feb 15 04:08:52 UTC 2000

   To make "cotton candy," you probably need a "cotton candy" machine.  The best place to look for this is Billboard magazine.
   OED has:

_cotton candy_ U.S.
1926 _Springfield_ (Mass.) _Union_ 4 Mar., How much profit is made on *cotton candy sold at fairs.


15 December 1923, pg. 153, col. 4--ad for Electric Candy Floss Machine Co., Nashville, Tenn.

6 December 1924, pg. 80, col. 4--ad for Candy Floss Machines by Talbot Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo.

6 December 1924, pg. 115, cols. 3-4--ad for Candy Floss Machines by Automatic Fish Pond Co., Toledo, Ohio.

13 December 1924, pg. 125, cols. 3-4--ad for "$100 daily selling Candy Floss or Machines, Greatest Ever Made" by the National Cotton Candy Floss Machine Co., 163 E. 35th Street, New York, N.Y.

   It appears "fairy floss" became "candy floss" became "cotton candy floss" became "cotton candy."

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