Anti-swearing law

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Fri Feb 18 07:46:05 UTC 2000

This was on AOL today:

_Mich. Judge OKs Anti-Swearing Law_
     STANDISH, Mich. (AP)--A judge today upheld the conviction of a man who
cursed in front of children after falling out of a canoe, ruling that
Michigan's 102-year-old anti-swearing law is constitutional.  A district
court jury last summer convicted Timothy Boomer, a 26-year-old computer
programmer, of violating the ban when he let loose with a stream of
profanities.  He was fined $75 and ordered to work four days in a child-care

    Maybe Boomer was just getting ready for Windows 2000?
    Attached is a response about Lorenzo the Clown.
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