Southern Swearing

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In "Expletives and Euphemisms in DARE:  An Initial Look" (in Language
Variety in the South Revisited, Univ. of Alabama, 1997), Luanne von
Schneidemesser analyzes some expressions identified chiefly with the South
or South Midland:  durn, daggone, dad (as in dad-burn, dad-gum, dad-blame)
biscuit-eater (as in "son of a ..."), good god almighty, lord have mercy,
lordy, swanny (for swear).

Cindy Bernstein

Barnhart wrote:

> Can someone steer me toward any discussion of dialect variation in
> North America swearing?
> This could add some spice to discussions of variation in geographic and
> social dialects.
> Regards,
> David Barnhart
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