dropping the chalupa

Steve K. stevek at SHORE.NET
Fri Feb 18 19:13:42 UTC 2000

Will this become the Where's the Beef of the 00s?

>From today's Nando Times (nando.net), in the entertainment area, a review
of Molly Ivins' book on George W, by James N. Thurman

"Stylistically, Ivins's use of metaphor, euphemism, and Texicanology is
just too much. It's like sucking salsa through a straw. When Ivins writes,
there has to be a jalapeno in every line.

"After a couple of chapters, you begin to wish Ivins would just drop the
chalupa and leave a few of those witticisms for former Texas Gov. Ann
Richards, who must need her share of them out on the speakers' circuit."

(For those of you without TV, it's from a tagline in an insufferably
annoying ad for Taco Bell featuring a chihuahua.)

--- Steve K.

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