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    "Thousandaire" appears to be the word of the week.
     A lame Saturday Night Live sketch was "Who wants to be groped by an
eleven thousandaire?"
     Susan Brady Konig's column in Monday's New York Post, 21 February 2000,
pg. 40, cols. 1-2, is "How to marry a thousandaire." shows that most of the about 100 hits are in the past year, but
some do date back to the beginning of in 1995.
     This is a "one-piece bathing suit," back-formation word.  Do these
deserve recording?...If you're single, a millionaire, and have solved the
meaning of "millionaire," do they let you on the "Marry a Millionaire" show?

BIG PICTURE (continued)

    There's a "big picture" cartoon in today's NY Post.  Go to


    I had planned on doing a lot of work on Monday (Presidents' Day).
However, not only is the NYPL closed, but I just learned that the NYU library
is closed as well.
    William Safire's New York Times Magazine "On Language" column mentioned
movie anachronisms.  I did that here on ADS-L years ago.  An AMISTAD
anachronism led to my antedating "hello."
    The New York Times web site advertises this new thing called Abuzz.  One
of the things that's asked Abuzz (more than once) is why New York City is
called "The Big Apple."  My work is given.  Yet it was never "fit to print"
in the New York Times!
    I didn't win the TKTS. contest.  I walked to the Urban Center and took a
look at the winning designs last Saturday.  This is a "New York icon"?  A
shack with stairs over it?
    Life goes on...

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