Anti-swearing law

Bob Fitzke fitzke at VOYAGER.NET
Mon Feb 21 17:37:32 UTC 2000


> Yes, everything that is important to people is intimately tied to
> religious belief. It's simply a question of the definition of religion
> in such a way that everyone is seen to have one.  So it's not that the
> job of a secular definition "can't be done at all," it's that it's not
> worth doing.

WWHHHOOOEEE. Arrogance, thy name is True Believer.

1. By your definition, I, who have no religious belief, i.e., belief in
a divinity, believe in nothing important.

2. Everyone MUST have a religion, i.e., "You VILL belief!"

3. Unless it's religious it can't be done.

And let's escalate the intolerance. The media are full of references to
the science v creationist confrontations. One never reads a word about
which creation myth is referenced, i.e., Egyptian, Chinese, Native
American, Scandinavian, etc., etc.

I say lets hold a competition. Let the winner be the one who shows that
their myth is the "right" one.

Course that decision will have to be made on an objective basis. I guess
that rules out wishful "thinking".


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