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My frame of reference is the political debates (written and spoken) inside
the US marxist movement during the 1970s-1980s, and in the civil rights
movement and labor movement during these periods.

race-baiting is the attribution of racism or racially insensitive attitudes
to white participants during a political debate or disagreement.  It's the
use of the assumption that a non-Black person can not understand the
interests and needs of Black people and can therefore not represent Black
people.  Likewise, non-Chicanos can't represent Chicanos, etc.  In my
experience, it was synonymous to the expression "playing the race card" -
the use of race as an argument by ethnic leaders as to why only they should
represent the interests of "their people" and the attribution of sinister
or evil intent to non-members of the ethnic group who tried to organize a
broader movement.

Pete Farruggio

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