Hat in hand

Bob Fitzke fitzke at VOYAGER.NET
Mon Feb 21 22:09:55 UTC 2000


> Anyway, I am now wondering, would racist
> epithets, for example, qualify as universally
> taboo these days? Probably even more
> than the F-word. Whereas at one time, when
> racism was OK by many people (shudder),
> they weren't taboo--just rude, like 'shit'.

As a lurker (us lawyers do a lot of that) my comment is that there is
hardly anything that is unqualifiedly "universally taboo". I suggest
that this is a form of absolute that is frequently encountered among
religionists and often is a source of friction between those of
differing religions and between the religious and those who are
non-believers. Salmon Rushdie is a case in point. By that "reasoning"
There should be a contract on me from every religion and cult in the
universe. I think it's all a crock... But I will most assuredly and
tenaciously defend your right to believe it. Whether you pay me a fee or
not :-)


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