BOILER ROOM (slang from the movie)

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Mon Feb 21 22:34:48 UTC 2000

"...the 6 train to Wall Street..."
--spoken by a character in the new movie, BOILER ROOM

     The 6 train stops at the Brooklyn Bridge (City Hall).  You need to take
the 4 or the 5 train to Wall Street.  Or maybe the screenwriter knew this and
wanted to show that the character was clueless?
     BOILER ROOM is a new movie that opened recently, a WALL STREET for the
1990s (okay, 2000).  It readily admits borrowing highly from that and other
films, but it's very enjoyable.  The cinema I saw it at--on Third Avenue and
60th, just behind Bloomingdale's--was packed.
     I don't know if I have a pre-1931 (RHHDAS) citation for "boiler
room"--I'll have to work on that.  INNS & OUTS (my recently posting) used the
phrase in that 1939 book, in a context before 1931.
     Most of the slang is at the beginning of the film.  A character quotes
the David Mamet movie GLENGARRY, GLEN ROSS:  "ABC--Always Be Closing."
    "Rips" are commissions.
    "Bridge" financing is explained.
    "Chop shop" is used.  The RHHDAS has "chop shop," but only as a shop
where autos are chopped for their parts.  Actually, I don't think the term
"boiler room" was used!
    "Pikers" is used for losers (not "winners").  I don't have the next
RHHDAS for that term.
    "Whale" was used extensively for a big-money sucker (sorry, "investor").
    "Don't pitch the bitch" was used.  Women weren't pitched because, hey,
they'd only be calling you all day to ask about their investments.
    "Serious as cancer" was used.
    Ron Rivkin played the young broker's dad.  His character was a judge.  He
kept saying things like "I never heard of that firm," and then would mention
"reputable" firms.  That got a huge laugh from me, but no one else.  First of
all, to be a judge in New York City, you have to be corrupt.  There's a
current scandal in Brooklyn about judges running a patronage mill for lawyers
from the Democratic party, but that has existed for years!  DECADES!  I've
known for years that, as a young lawyer, it was not the track I wanted to
    Money corrupts EVERYBODY!
    So when "Judge" Ron Rivkin was saying these things to his wayward son, it
was as if he said, "President Bill Clinton said it.  It has to be true!"  In
fact, the S.E.C. and the F.B.I. both exist to protect the Goldman Sachs
firms.  The little guy who loses his home--that was me not so long ago!  No
one cares about him!  But that's another story...

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