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Tue Feb 22 14:30:45 UTC 2000

At long last, the January 2000 issue of the Newsletter of the American
Dialect Society is out. Well, at least it has been outed on the ADS website,
http://www.americandialect.org/. There you can download it in PDF, which
requires the Acrobat reader, which you can download for free if you don't
have that!

NADS 32.1 has some imminent deadlines, so you might want to look at it soon.
I apologize for being so slow in getting it together.

The issue includes calls for abstracts for four regional meetings, and for
sessions at MLA, and of course for our Annual Meeting next January; reports
on the Executive Council actions last month; an even fuller report on Words
of the Year &c than is posted on the website; the ADS program for our
sessions at April's ILA meeting in Washington; announcement of the Tamony
lecture in April; new book announcements; and of course a list of queries
from DARE, along with a special purchase offer that comes to an end at the
end of February.

The print edition is at the printer, and will go out in the US first-class
mail by the end of the week to all ADS members. It will have one feature that
the PDF version doesn't, namely an action photo from our Words of - session,
taken by Julia Huttar Bailey.

The next issue is May, announcing the programs chosen for the fall regional
meetings and much else. Once again, like a politician undaunted by the truth,
I promise to be on time.

- Allan Metcalf, editor & ADS Executive Secretary

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