Anti-swearing law

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Thu Feb 24 16:11:43 UTC 2000

--- "James E. Clapp" <jeclapp at WANS.NET> wrote:
>...  Honestly, even after reading several
>translations, I still don't quite understand the Ten
>Commandments myself.

Ahhh...see, you're becoming enlightened (as am I).  I
agree with you that a single, perhaps oversimplified
version is not the best answer, but ignoring the 10
Commandments and the role they have played in the
development and course of western civilization and our
current value system would be shortsighted.  One
doesn't need to be able to recite them verbatum: what
most people know is probably an incomplete composite
of several different versions (some of what people
think the 10 Commandments say might not have a basis
in ANY scripture!)

Ambiguities help generate an examination of our
cultural values.  The Bible was used to justify and
defend slavery, but it was also used as a basis for
those who opposed slavery.

Perhaps it is the debate, such as this one, that is
generated by the proposal to place the 10 Commandments
that has the true value.  That debate wouldn't occur
if the proposition were never made.  The "no action"
option is almost always the easiest.

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