NY biscuit

Fri Feb 25 20:54:05 UTC 2000

There are two quotations that I have found (Dictionary of Americanisms)
for what I suspect is the same item:

1714 Samuel Sewall, _Diary_, I had my New York Biscuit to eat, and a
Bottle of Wine.

1846 W.G. Stewart, _Altowan_, Their contents consisted of ... the
biscuit root, tasting exactly like a New York cracker newly baked.

I have found that there was a New York Biscuit Company which became
part of the National Biscuit Company in the 1890's.  The history of the
company provided is quite unilluminating about New York Biscuit Company.

I have checked Making of America with not success.

I will appreciate any leads listers have on this.

David K. Barnhart, Editor
The Barnhart Dictionary Companion
barnhart at hgihlands.com

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