Ventriloquists and labial sounds

Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Sun Feb 27 06:25:35 UTC 2000


> I remember Senor Wences as a frequent guest on the Ed Sullivan Show
> in the 1950s.  He had a particularly rude dummy whose name I forget.
> The dummy would inform Senor Wences that the phrase "a bottle of
> beer" was the hardest phrase for a ventriloquist to say, and
> challenge him to say it.  Senor Wences would look at him.  The dummy
> would berate him: "Go on, say it. A bottle of beer.  A bottle of
> beer, a bottle of beer, a bottle of beer.  You can't say it, can
> you!"

SeƱor Wences?  Yeah!

"S'all right!"

-- mike salovesh                    <salovesh at>

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