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     "Our Foreign Cities--Pittsburgh" by Elizabeth Frazer in the SATURDAY
EVENING POST, 30 June 1923, did _not_ have "golden triangle."  I'll see
within a week what golden triangle tchotshkes the Peter Tamony collection has.
    I dated "John Q. Public" to the early 1920s, and this is from pg. 94,
col. 2:

    And the net of it is that Mister John Citizen pays for father's permanent
board up the river and it's a dead loss all round.  (...)  And again John
Citizen dives down into his pocket and pays.


    The Chicago Evening Post for January 1928 came through inter-library
loan.  Walter Winchell's column was _not_ syndicated in this newspaper.  I'm
still waiting for the Chicago Journal.
    It appears that that Joe E. Lewis Oriental Theater benefit must have been
November or December 1927.  The 14 January 1928 Chicago Evening Post has a
photo of Lewis on pg. 4, col. 4, and ad for "JOE LEWIS NITE CLUB RENDEZVOUS
CAFE" in col. 3, and a blurb also in column three.  Additional stories about
a new February 1st show were in January 21 (pg. 4, col. 3) and February 4
(pg. 4, col. 1).
    When I return in two weeks, I'll check out the Chicago Journal to see if
Walter Winchell's column is there.  Of course, this "Bloody Mary" search
would have taken me half an hour in the Chicago Public Library.


    I'll be in Portugal until March 12th.

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