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Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 28 11:38:51 UTC 2000

   Greetings from the Frankfurt airport.
   FINANCIAL TIMES, Feb. 26-27, pg. V, col. 6:

   producing OED Online has put even more pressure on the 200 or so consultants across the world who, for fun or money, read obscure books in the hope of coming across ever earlier usages of words, or, occasionally, one that is unrecorded.  This field force send in around 10,000 "slips" a year (as against the 190,000 produced by the in-house lexicographers), and would now seem to have a job for life.

   I've got a job for life??
   I just saw "coco taxis" in a story about Cuba in CNN TRAVELER--don't know who has that.
   Hold that plane!!

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