Are you an Iowan?

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Mon Feb 28 15:38:09 UTC 2000

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<< I can't resist adding that when we lived in Chapel Hill, NC, a neighbor had
a friend visiting.  We had all been chatting when the maintenance guy for
the small apartment complex stopped to say hello.  He was introduced to the
neighbor's friend, including that "She's from Idaho."  The maintenance guy
looked a bit confused for a moment, and then nodded and said, "Oh, round
here we pronounce that EYE uh way."  (And I wondered at the time - after
successfully not laughing - how, then, did he pronounce Iowa?)

Rima >>

The way I heard the story, it was "Ohio"! the first time I heard this wtory
was in 1970--and I heard it again last week. It wasw always "Ohio," not

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