The benefits of illegal proposals

Bob Fitzke fitzke at VOYAGER.NET
Tue Feb 29 00:11:26 UTC 2000

My bad


"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:

> Bob,
> Read the while story. I made no claim about any teacher's being qualified
> or unqualified to teach "comparative religion" (certainly not any subject).
> I reponded to the previous message's claim that they were unqualified. My
> point was that even if they were, that would be a strage reason not to
> teach a subject. I think I'm on board.
> dInIs (whose feet are on the deck)
> >"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:
> >
> >> Hmmmm. This is a very interesting reponse. Since teachers in US public
> >> schools aren't qualified to teach a subject, let's not do it.
> >
> >Dennis, I think you've gone overboard a bit on this. Do you mean "some"
> >teachers
> >or all teachers? And "any" subject?
> >
> >Bob
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