Alice Faber faber at POP.HASKINS.YALE.EDU
Tue Feb 29 00:58:24 UTC 2000

>At 4:18 PM -0600 2/28/00, Tom Kysilko wrote:
>>Andrea wrote:
>>> For a pejorative Yiddish term for cheap
>>>trinkets/souvenirs/gee-gaws, I would use "schlock".
>>There's also "shmatte".  The word is probably not so well-known as schlock,
>>but it was put by the writers of M*A*S*H (the TV show) into the mouth of
>>Hawkeye Pierce in one episode.
>Isn't "shmatte" more like 'rags', i.e. for clothes in not particularly mint

Most definitely. A shmatte is a rag, literally or figuratively.

Alice Faber

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