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<< Besides, I don't think [@w] and [o] (@=schwa) are really distinct. So
"Iowa" = [ay'.o.(w@)] = [ay'. at .w@].

Hmph. Now that I've written that, my guardian unconscious throws "Hiawatha" up
at me, and I think I do back the pre-/w/ vowel of "Iowa" but not that of
     But I still don't know what difference would amuse non-Iowans. Enlighten,

I guess Mark missed my earlier posting on what non-Iowans find amusing about
the pronunciation of /o/ in the upper Midwest. Recall the movie FARGO.

That's a result of subscribing in digest form. I just can't handle _n_
distractions per day.

As for Hiawatha, the second syllable gets variable anticipatory rounding for
just about everybody, right?

I'm not sure what Mark means by "really distinct"--since any unstressed vosel
in English can be reduced to schwa, schwa is not "really distinct" from any

I meant "acoustically distinguishable [in a way that would entertain

-- Mark

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