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>If the following was noted by anyone on the list and previously
>posted, I missed it.
>In the June issue of the "Smithsonian", in an article entitled, Hot
>Dogs Are Us, the following appears at page 107 in a discussion
>of the origin of the phrase "hot dog":
>   for several years. Popik, who combines a self assured manor with a
>facial expression of chronic surprise, concentrates on studying old
>magazines. The earlist hot dog mention he has come up with so far is a
>story from the Yale Record of Oct 19, 1895 titled "'The Abductiion of
the Night Lunch >Wagon" in which students 'contentedly munched hot dogs.'
The newscaster Paul Harvey in "The Rest of the Story" claimed an origin
of the term "hot dog."  I don't remember what date it was, but I want to
say that his earliest cite of "hot dog" was from a sports cartoon, not
from a collegiate magazine story.  I also want to say that stadium
vendors wanted a short expression for their delicacy.

I meant to look it up, but I think
"gata por mi coche" is "a car jack for my car (in exchange for my car),"
"gata para mi coche" is "a car jack for my car (in order to repair my

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