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Fri Jun 2 04:23:08 UTC 2000

    This is the first time that I've gone through "TRUE-The Man's Magazine."
It looks like it was a competitor of ESQUIRE and PLAYBOY.
     I read the year 1966; popular stories were on sports and the Vietnam
War.  TRUE featured some important writers, such as Isaac Asimov.  There
wasn't a column on Food & Drink, but late-night king Johnny Carson did write
at least one article on drinks.
    The NYPL has holdings from 1960, but the publication began about a few
volumes earlier.
    "Report from Viet Nam" was written by Malcolm W. Browne.  April 1966, pg.
39, is: "'SORRY ABOUT THAT' This is the best-known phrase in a new GI lingo
that's more sophisticated--and cynical--than the old soldier talk of World
Wars I and II."  Terms mentioned include:

dustoff (a helicopter ambulance)
huey (helicopter)
pucker factor (degree of fear)
OP (outpost)
music (water)

     I still haven't found "the whole nine yards," but it may be here.
     Send me any opinions you have on TRUE, or any similar publications that
I might not be aware of.


    I got every question--without the choices.  One contestant couldn't
identify "round up the usual suspects" with the film classic CASABLANCA.  She
thought for what seemed like twenty minutes. Goofy music played in the
background.  You had to know stupid things for the show, like tv sitcom
history and the birth dates of Julia Roberts and Christina Ricci.
    Fred Shapiro owes me an hour of my life!
    Wait a minute--was Fred Shapiro on the show??

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