Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Sun Jun 4 10:33:06 UTC 2000

My apologies to the list. My last message incorrectly shows "Peggy Lynn"
in the space for the sender's name on its header.

Explanation: My wife and I are temporarily sharing one computer for
e-mail and Internet access. (Peggy's computer is down, and I haven't
finished installing programs on its replacement.) Peggy Lynn married me
in 1955; she still uses that name when emphasizing the fact that she is
acting for herself alone.  For all other purposes, she calls herself
Peggy Salovesh.  I call her Peggy and rarely use any surname for her.
She calls me Mike and rarely uses a surname for me.

I stupidly forgot to change the "Identity" box for mail preferences when
it was my turn to use this computer. The message was accepted by the
ADS-L server because this machine can only access a single dialup
account.  ADS-L's server checks the account address, not the sender's
name, when accepting messages from list members.

-- mike salovesh                    <salovesh at niu.edu>

P.S.:  <salovesh at niu.edu> is an alias for the official account address,
<t20mxs1 at corn.cso.niu.edu>.  We who use the NIU system spent three years
convincing the folks in charge that 1) our official account names are
confusing and counterproductive; 2) the server could easily handle
aliases as alternatives to the official account names; 3) existing
account names and the system behind them would not have to be changed if
aliases were added; and 4) the world wouldn't end if people were allowed
to use aliases if they preferred.  I do and I do, and by golly, that
hasn't ended the world.  Yet.

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