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Lynne Murphy lynnem at COGS.SUSX.AC.UK
Sun Jun 4 13:36:11 UTC 2000

There's an article in the Saturday magazine in the Guardian (UK)
newspaper about text-messaging on mobile phones and how its popularity
has exceeded expectations, mostly because it's good for flirtation.
Unfortunately, the web version of the article doesn't have the side-bar
glossary of text messages.


A lot of the glossary involves things like emoticons and obvious things
like 'U = you', 1 = 'one' and '2 = to, too'  (but not two?).  But here
are a few of the less obvious or more texty ones:

ATB - all the best
BCNU - be seeing you
B4  - before
CU L8R - see you later
F2T - free to talk
Gr8, H8, L8, L8R - great, hate, late, later
Luv - love
Mob - mobile
NE - any
NE1 - anyone
NO1 - no one
OIC - oh, I see
PPL - people
RUOK - are you okay
SOME1 - someone
THNQ - thank you
WAN2 - want to  (but Gonna = going to)
Wknd - weekend


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