Swap Spit; New Cockney Rhyming Slang

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Wed Jun 7 05:47:09 UTC 2000


   Like "suck face," only different.
   From the NEW YORK POST, 7 June 2000, pg. 10, col. 1:

   "Sex and the City" star _Chris Noth_ sidled up to _Winona Ryder_ and proceeded to swap spit with the "Girl, Interrupted" star for "at least 25 minues," a spy said.


   From the NEW YORK POST, 7 June 2000, pg. 10, col. 5:

   Celebrity culture has overtaken Britain's rhyming slang.  _Britney Spears_ means "beers" as in "Give us a couple of Britneys, luv."  _Chevy Chase_ is "face."  _Lou Reed_ is "speed," the drug.  _Steve McQueen_'s is "jeans."  _Winona Ryder_ is "cider."  _Donald Trump_ is new slang for "dump."  And can you guess what _Brad Pitt_ means to a Cockney?


   A network news broadcast today (ABC News?) used the phrase "New Girls Club/Network," in contrast to "Old Boys Club."  It was pointed out that, in the Fortune 500, there are only 3 female CEOs.  Women are not advancing up the corporate ladder, so they're becoming entreprenuers in a "New Girls Network."
   It needs a good Wall Street Journal article or two to stick.

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