the vital importance of grammar in everyday life

J. Katherine Rossner ookpik at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Jun 7 14:01:39 UTC 2000

At 08:46 AM 6/7/00 -0500, Robert S. Wachal wrote:
>Are there gender differences, I wonder?

I was thinking that!  Clearly there are--one of the males responding said
something about an etiquette of "not hearing" others using the facilities;
that's not the case for women.  And I have both heard, and asked, "any
paper over there?" or "could you pass me some paper?"

Ye knowe ek, that in forme of speche is chaunge
Withinne a thousand yere, and wordes tho
That hadden pris, now wonder nyce and straunge
Us thinketh hem, and yit they spake hem so.
        - Chaucer, "Troilus and Criseyde"

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