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Wed Jun 7 17:09:26 UTC 2000


   From the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 7 June 2000, David Bianculli tv column, pg. 78, col. 1:

_First curse: Another one bites the dust_
   Curses!  The Kickoff Curse has struck again! (...)
   Basically, the Kickoff Curse predicts that whichever new fall series is the first to premiere will not survive the freshman year.  It's almost like being first in line for the guillotine.  It's not a head start; it's heads off. (...)
   (Col. 2) Yet, when it comes to taking shows from the fall schedule and giving them a head start, the results are so reliably dismal that I long ago identified it, and began tracking it as TV's Kickoff Curse. (...)
   (Col. 4) Right now, the Kickoff Curse is right 87% of the time, and hasn't been wrong since 1991.


   From NEW YORK PRESS, June 7-13, 2000, pg. 41, col. 2:

   A new restaurant called _Tja!_ (301 Church St., corner of Walker, 226-8900), serving what it calls "ScandinAsian" cuisine--a fusion that evokes the unlikely prospect of intelligent Swedes, manly Japanese lumberjacks and _Charlie_ counting lingonberries with abaci--has opened in _Tribeca_.

  Can a new ScandinAsian rock group called "JABBA" be far behind?

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