I am the Sears Catalog

Tom Kysilko pds at VISI.COM
Thu Jun 8 01:56:00 UTC 2000

RonButters at AOL.COM is:
>certainly willing to concede that--because THE PAPER is idiomatic for
>'today's newspaper'--I would at least have considered that as a possibility
>(though, again, I would have ruled it out, I think, on the grounds that I did
>not have a newspaper and that people do not ask for newspapers under such
>circumstances--though they might well need to ask for toilet tissue).
>Now what if the speaker had said, "Do you have the catalog"?

The two-holer my grandparents used out on the ND prairie was still standing
when I was a kid (in the '50s).  It is highly likely that at one time or
another one of them asked, "Do you have the catalog?"

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