Shill Bidding; The Art of Eating Well

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Thu Jun 8 04:24:19 UTC 2000


   The FBI announced today that it's looking into "shill bidding," or "self bidding," on eBay.  That's when friends bid on their own stuff to drive up the price.  It's illegal.
   The term is not in the online OED.

by Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911),
1996 translation by Kyle M. Phillips III

   The cover announces that this is "Italy's most treasured cookbook."
   Why did it take over 100 years for it to be translated?  Will OED consider this book's entries for Italian food?
   It's interesting to compare this with the Mother Leone Italian cookbook.  "Spumoni" is not here, but Mother Leone's restaurant served spumoni on its opening day in 1906.  "Pizza" is here in 1891, as are cannelloni, focaccia, frittata, gelato, gnocchi, veal scaloppine, semolina, and much more.
   "Cappuccino" is not here, but "espresso coffee" is on pg. 456.  Does this count as an "espresso" cite?

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