From Soup to Nuts

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Sat Jun 10 08:10:53 UTC 2000

  From soup to nuts.
  This isn't the condition that George "Superman" Reeves went through, is it?
  I couldn't find it on the MOA.  I didn't check American Memory.
  OED has 1910, "US colloq., from beginning to end, completely, everything."
  Stevenson's QUOTATIONS has Horace (35 BC), "From the egg to the apples."  A 1941 quotation has "Nuts to soup (they were eating dinner backwards)."
  Christine Ammer's AHDOI has:

_from soup to nuts_  Also, _from A to Z_ or _start to finish_ or _stem to stern._  (...)  The first expression, with its analogy to the first and last courses of a meal, appeared in slightly different forms (such as _from potage to cheese_) from the 1500s on; the precise wording here dates only from the mid-1900s.

   From the GOOD HOUSEKEEPING Topical Index, May, 1897:

>From Soup to Peanuts.
  Green Pea Soup
  Fried Beef Steak
  A Spinach Luncheon
  Salted Peanuts

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