"Coffee, tea or me?"

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Sun Jun 11 06:24:42 UTC 2000

    "Coffee, tea or me" is not in any of the phrase books that I just went through.  Maybe Fred Shapiro will include it?
    I'll do a larger "coffee" posting eventually.  It's ninety degrees out--I need a nice cup of hot java.
    From TRUE (humor page), October 1965, pg. 140, col. 2:

    My friend Bev, a former airline stewardess grounded by marriage, finally went back to work as a stewardess for a large company on their executive airplane.
    Thrilled by the prospect of flying again, she reported to the pilot on board the aircraft for her first trip.  Attempting to be funny as well as friendly, she quipped, "Hi!  What'll it be--coffee, tea or me?"
    With a quick appraising glance the veteran pilot replied, "Suit yourself, sister.  Whatever's the easiest to make."
R. J. Putman
Arvada, Colorado

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