Permafudgies; Rainfill

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Jun 11 18:13:22 UTC 2000

1)  I was wondering how wide the domain of 'fudgies' was (i.e. whether it
was specifically a Youper (Upper Peninsula) expression)...

> And Mike Sheehan
> told me that where he lives in northern Michigan tourists are known
> as Fudgies "because of their proclivity for buying fudge in the
> innumerable tourist shops". I asked a friend in the northwest corner of the mitten (lower
peninsula) whether she was familiar with the term, and she contributed this

>Lake Leelanau counts, definitely.  The whole county.  Plus also the
>Traverse City area.  Dick Murdock's fudge (that's a chain store) is the most
>common type.  Another word for the day is 'permafudgie'.  That's people
>like my >parents who decide to move up there for good.

Joan, do you have 'permafudgie' for the DARE volume containing P yet?

2)  John McEnroe, commenting on the very tight and well-played last set of
today's men's French Open final, predicted that it would be 'rainfill' for
many years to come--evidently a technical term from the tennis world for a
match that is rerun to fill the dead air caused by a rain delay in the
televised transmission of a tournament.  Ultimately related to 'landfill',
I assume.  Any other cites for this?

My quick search on Nexis/Lexis came up with no hits for either
'permafudgie' or 'landfill', but since this is the new, "improved" Academic
Universe version, that doesn't mean too much.


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