Abuzz.com censorship!

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Jun 11 19:55:25 UTC 2000

   As I've stated here: last Sunday, after four years, the New York Times decided to correctly spell my name.
   This was in response to an Abuzz.com posting, "New York Times & the Truth," that I had made on 4-28-00.  My Abuzz.com name is POPIK3.
   Lisa Carparelli, a spokesman (she used "spokesman") for the New York Times, then added a response on Abuzz that I partially quoted here.  Yes, they would correctly spell my name.  No, they would not issue any other apology.  She cited that 1909 Edward Martin extended metaphor to suggest that The New York Times couldn't print anything about John J. Fitz Gerald because my "Big Apple" work was wrong.
   I provided a blistering Abuzz.com reply.
   First, I again mentioned that the paper should reply to all that I've said, and should correct all errors.
   Second, I pointed out that the Times's latest excuse for not printing my "Big Apple" work after eight years was both wrong and inconsistent.  After all, the Times had made passing mention to my work three times (1996 article, 1997 on Good Day New York which now seems strangely missing on Nexis, and Sept. 1998).
  I had stated here that you can find this illogical response from a spokesman of the paper of record by using any of a bunch of keywords in the Abuzz.com Search box.
  I recently tried these words:
Big Apple
New York Times
Lisa Carparelli
Irving Lewis Allen
City in Slang
Wayfarer in New York
Charles Gillett
   You can't get to the posting!  There's obviously been a cookie attached to it!  They don't want you to read it!
   Please, look for it NOW!
   Meanwhile, William Safire and Katy Miller (ADS colleagues) still do nothing!

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