Throwaway Fashion

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Mon Jun 12 03:18:41 UTC 2000

   From the NEW YORK POST, 11 June 2000, pg. 42, col. 1:

_Throwaway Fashion_
_Clothes become disposable_
_thanks to supercheap designs_
   Why drop tons of dollars on designer duds that are destined to be dumped in the trash in a matter of months anyway?
   The latest--and least expensive--clothing trend is throwaway fashion: sexy styles that cost so little, women have no problem tossing them after they've been worn just once.
   Of course, this new fad wouldn't have been possible without the launch of bargain stores like Midtown's H&M and the just-opened Madison, at 290 Madison Avenue.
   At both stores, shoppers can get the looks of Sarah Jessica Parker or Nicole Kidman for a tenth of what the stars pay.

   A Net check shows other throwaways:

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(After reading this post, please throwaway properly.)

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