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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jun 12 20:09:06 UTC 2000

Gareth Branwyn writes:
>"Clit mouse" has been around for years. It was submitted to the Jargon Watch
>column in Nov. '96 by someone at Stanford.
>I never brought myself to submit it to Wired at the time, but have used it
>ever since and have heard it frequently used by others.
Right--when I tried searching for 'clitmouse' I came up empty,
but there were a number of cites of 'clit-mouse', 'clit mouse', and even
one for 'mouse clit' on various techie-type sites.  Here's an example
(supply your own [sic]s):

My primary machine is a Tosh laptop, which is equipped with a nifty[0]
little strain guage based mouse-replacement device called an
This little gizmo nestles in between the 'G', 'H' & 'B' keys, & is
known in the trade as a nipple mouse, for reasons that are very
obvious if you've ever seen one in use.
One of my cow-orkers surprised the hell out of me by coming up with an
even more offensive name, when he described it to one of our youngish,
catholic & female staff members as a 'clit-mouse'.


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