"Gyro" at Chicago's Parthenon Restaurant

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   The Chicago Tribune did a series on the city's top ten restaurants, by type.  The top Greek restaurant was Parthenon.  From the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, 27 May 1971, section 2, pg. 19:

_This Parthenon, Too, Is Classic Greek_
  (...)(Col. 2--ed.) Next came _gyros_ ($1.95 a plate), unusual, intriguing and thoroly (sic) Greek.  It consists of layers of specially spiced lamb and beef, barbecued vertically on equipment imported from Greece, which is set up in the window at the front of the restaurant.
  (...)(Photo caption, col. 6--ed.)
  Bill Liakouras slices a dishful of gyros, vertically barbecued layers of spiced lamb and beef.

  The OED has the NEW YORK TIMES, 4 September 1971.
  The Chicago Tribune Magazine ran nice pieces on Chicago delis, Chicago pizza, and Chicago hot dogs.  I think I'll see a piece on the gyro if I read through another year or two, through about 1974.
  It'll have to wait--I leave for Pittsburgh after work tomorrow.
  Attached is another question for me to answer (no message in the body of the question!) from Abuzz.  It never ends!
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