Hyper Twister

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Tue Jun 13 05:53:25 UTC 2000

    From the NEW YORK POST, travel section, 13 June 2000, pg. 42, col. 1:

_Riding Goliath_
_A brand new giant roller coaster opens in the Golden State_
   (...)  This year's entry from Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., just north of L.A., is Goliath, a giant "hyper twister" style of coaster.
   (...) For more info: www.sixflags.com/magicmountain

   One web site lists several different types of coasters:  steel wild mouse, wooden (includes twisters), steel twisters, hyper coaster (higher than 200 feet), inverted, suspended, floorless, stand up, launched.
   The first "hyper twister" was Raging Bull, which opened at a Six Flags Great America in Illinois last year (1999).  And you thought the first "hyper twister" was Chubby Checker.
   From http://members.xoom.com/coasterlover/sfgam/rb/index.html:

   Raging Bull is Great America's 9th roller coaster.  It is the first of its kind in America--a _Hyper Twister_.  Let me explain these terms.  A _hyper coaster_ is a roller coaster that exceeds 200 ft. in height, and a _twister_ is a coaster that twists around itself again and again.  There are a lot of drops and a lot of turns.  The other type of coaster is an _Out and Back_, which does basically what it says.  It travels out to one spot and then travels back to the station.

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