"Coffee, tea or me?"

Tue Jun 13 22:21:27 UTC 2000

James Smith says: "I recall that "Coffee, tea or me?" was the title
of a novel in the late 60's or early 70's.  A movie with
the same title was based on the book."

"Coffee Tea or Me" was the purported "uninhibited memoirs of two
airline stewardesses" published under the names Trudy Baker and
Rachel Jones, in NY by Bartholomew House in 1968.  It was evidently
popular, being translated into Spanish ("Cafe, te o yo?") and what I
believe to be Thai.  In English, it spawned three sequels: "The
Coffee, Tea or Me Girls Lay It on the Line"; "The CToM Girls Get Away
from It All"; and "The CToM Girls 'Round the World Diary".  All this
from RLIN.  I vaguely remember seeing one of these efforts on a
paperback rack at the time.

RLIN also shows a book called "Coffee, Tea or Me, Mei Shih ai ching"
published in Taipei a few years ago.  Trudy and Rachel aren't the

RLIN also shows Trudy Baker to be the author of a number of
elementary shool math texts, published in Canada, so perhaps she has
reformed, not that I necessarily think that one needs to reform from
being an uninhibited airline stewardess, nor that writing
mathematics texts would be a symptom of reformation.


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