albondigas! no te dije!

Erin McKean editor at VERBATIMMAG.COM
Tue Jun 13 18:30:34 UTC 2000

There are a *lot* of Spanish-speaking migrant agricultural workers in
eastern North Carolina. A friend of mine (a Duke alumna) spent a
summer as a rights worker there, making sure that the farmers did
what they were supposed to in terms of housing, education, etc. So
I'm not surprised that there are finally Spanish-language signs there.

I love Spanish-language signs. I'm always trying to apply my
high-school Latin towards figuring them out, regardless of whether I
actually *need* auto insurance or a podiatrist. Of course, in Chicago
there are many, many more than in eastern NC.

Erin McKean

>Driving back from the beach through rural eastern North Carolina I saw this
>sign a sale of double-wide trailors: "Tres dormitorios! Dos banos! [sic] $199
>This would not be surprising in southern Texas or southern Florida, but not
>too many years ago the locals down east put up billboards praising the KKK.
>Clearly, bilingual America is here to stay!

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