Fred Cassidy

Donald M. Lance LanceDM at MISSOURI.EDU
Thu Jun 15 04:26:15 UTC 2000

Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:

> ...  (And I'm so glad I was able to catch that picture of him
> dancing with Vicki in Madison.)

And I'm glad I took that picture that was reproduced in the DSNA Newsletter.  What a
soirée that Madison meeting was -- with Fred, Fred, Fred, Joan, Joan, and others.

As I've continued doing my e-mail this evening, I've had a sinking feeling with each one I
saw on some piddly little usage item, but heartened by each message on Fred.  Gradually,
the sinking feelings lessened because I knew Fred would chide me.  The only thing I want
to think about for a while is Frederic Gomes Cassidy.


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