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"Steve K." <stevek at SHORE.NET> writes:

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Rudolph C Troike wrote:

> Sort of like hearing people pronounce "patio" with /ae/.

AHD 1, back in the 60s, listed the first pronunciation of patio with
/ae/ (short a, as in bat). This is also the first form in the latest
Random House College and MW10...

It appears with a-as-in-father in Kenyon & Knott's Pronouncing Dictionary
Of American English. (1953, a copyright update of 1944). Websters 2nd has
a-as-in-father; Webster's 3rd has a-as-in-bat, so there seems to have been
a shift midcentury.

/ae/ is the only way I've EVER heard it. We had one when I was a kid (NYC
suburbs, 50s). Is the /a/-as-in-father pron from Spanish?

-- Mark

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