Gyros (1968)

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>    From THE WFMT GUIDE (CHICAGO GUIDE in 1971, CHICAGO from 1975), December 1968, pg. 40, col. 2:
> THE PARTHENON--314 S. Halsted.  Greek.

Kostas Kazazis of the linguistics department at U of C always said that if
you were in Chicago and wanted good Greek food to go to a Turkish
restaurant. :) I've eaten in Greektown exactly twice, and I'm convinced
it's a tourist trap, because one meal was inedible and the other one was

Of course, this doesn't make citations about them any less relevant, just
thought I'd share in case you got hungry.

I miss Chicago gyros where they cut the lamb in strips off a spit. Here in
Boston, the only gyros I've had, they take  a package of frozen precut
strips out of the freezer and throw them on the grill; they are to real
gyros what Pringles are to potato chips.

--- Steve K.

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