Robert McCormick on A&E's Biografy

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Sat Jun 17 14:44:37 UTC 2000

   Colonel Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune is on tonight's A&E BIOGRAPHY (Biografy?) at 11 p.m., but check local listings.
   "Muscle hussy" is used in a female bodybuilder story in this weekend's FINANCIAL TIMES.
   I knew that Fred Shapiro would raise that objection to "social climber."  The entire article must be read, along with some Philadelphia history texts.  When the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER puts its back issues online, I have no doubt that we'll find "social climber" citations for Philadelphia from the 1880s-1890s.  "Climber" was in quotes, very conspicuously placed in a header, and it was used many times in the article.  I think it's a significant citation.
   I've told the Chicago Cubs that I refuse to be traded for Sammy Sosa.

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