"Kidpreneur" and its ilk

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Jun 20 20:49:49 UTC 2000

How about someone who markets a service delivering main courses in the
States or pre-main courses in France?  That would, of course, be an


At 10:38 AM -0700 6/20/00, Peter A. McGraw wrote:
>Hey, this is growing on me after all.  How about "tantrumpreneur"--someone
>who starts a business teaching primal scream therapy, perhaps?  This should
>be perfect for one of those 4-year-old kidpreneurs.  Check it out at
>--On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 1:22 PM -0400 Gareth Branwyn
><garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:
>> I've received a number of these awful -preneur coinages, such as
>> "cyberpreneur" and (hold onto your stomach contents) "tantrapreneur"
>> (someone who runs a business with his/her "significant other" -- tantra as
>> in tantric sex). Make it stop.

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