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There are lots of German family names ending in -ow.  Such names are
concentrated in the area of the former Prussia, and I assume they are a
remnant of the now extinct Slavic language that was once spoken in the area.

Peter Mc.

--On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 4:05 PM -0400 Mark_Mandel at DRAGONSYS.COM wrote:

> Not "just like" Freshens or Haagen Dazs, because the umlaut on the "u" in
> "Luchows" (or "Luchow's", I'm not sure) is genuine. Even though everyone
> pronounced it as if it were the name of a Chinese restaurant (/'lu
> ,tSauz/), it was a family name, I'm pretty sure.
> Hmm... Where's the name from, though, and how did it get there? That sure
> looks like a Slavic ending on it. I'm going to cc: this to the American
> Name Society list.
> -- Mark A. Mandel

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