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     From SUNSET magazine, November 1974, pg. 228:

Crisp, brown, delicious packages..._chimechangas_
   Chimechangas are a Mexican specialty from the state of Sonora, just south
of the border.  Like burritos, they're made by wrapping wheat flour tortillas
around a spicy meat or bean filling.  But, unlike burritos, chimechangas
(chee-mee-changas) are fried until they're golden brown and crisp.  (Recipe

   Sonora (Mexico) or Tucson (New Mexico)?


   From SUNSET magazine, June 1978, pg. 170:

Mexican pizza...bean and cheese, with taco sauce, sour cream
   Pizza takes on a new nationality when it's spiced with Mexcian seasonings
and topped with crunchy condiments.  (Recipe follows--ed.)


   From the LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, April 1935, pg. 92, col. 2:

   The Mexican chocolate is made as follows: While the milk and chocolate are
boiling, sticks of cinnamon are added.  The hot liquid is then poured into a
tall pitcher and a slender pole of aromatic wood carved with grooves and
rings (see photograph above) is placed inside the pitcher and whirled between
the palms of the hands until the chocolate foams.  Small cup-size dashers are
also used.  If a _molinillo_ of aromatic wood like those used by the Mexicans
is not available, any small dasher may be susbstituted; the result, while not
quite what Mexican women get, will be delicious and different.

   From THE SAGA OF TEXAS COOKERY (The Encino Press, Austin, TX, 1973) by
Sarah Morgan, pg. 24:

   MEXICAN CHOCOLATE can be had in most Mexican food stores and in some
supermarkets.  If it is not obtainable, use the same amount of sweet
chocolate called for in the following recipe and add 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon to
the mixture.  Some of the best cacao, or cocoa, came from the state of
Tabasco in Mexico.  In the early days of our cookery the settlers would grind
the cacao bean on the metate.  A fire under the metate helped to take out the
grease from the bean and assured a smooth blend with other ingredients.
   TO MAKE about 6 servings: Grate 6 squares of Mexican chocolate and
dissolve in 1/2 cup hot milk.  Add 6 cups milk and boil for about 5 minutes.
Remove from the fire and cool.  Beat the yolks of 2 eggs and continue beating
while combining the two mixtures.  Beat all to a froth before serving.  Sugar
may be added according to taste.  Serve hot or cold.

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