need DARE pairs

Chuck Borsos sqeezbox at CRUZIO.COM
Sat Jun 24 16:08:27 UTC 2000

Well, I have to admit that growing up in NE Ohio that we called 'em mangos,
or green peppers.  I never saw a "real mango" until I was in my early
twenties, and I was in Washington DC at the home of a Thai national.  When
I told him that we called the peppers "mangos", he just thought that was
stupid.  I don't recall hearing "bell pepper" until I got to California,
though my memory is not real clear about that.

Chuck Borsos
Santa Cruz, CA

>I had forgotten about the crawdad triplet, and I must admit I can't imagine
>anyone calling a bell/green pepper a "mango" - what on Earth would they call a
>real mango?
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