shoot the moon

Al Futrell al at LOUISVILLE.EDU
Sat Jun 24 18:15:26 UTC 2000

My experience with "shoot the moon" and "shoot the works" is that
'shoot the moon' refers to a poker wager in which
the gambler bets to win both high and low in a single hand.
'Shoot the works' refers to betting all of one's stake on one bet or hand.

I am not sure I understand what is 'blending' here.

Gerald Cohen wrote:

>    I have received a query about the  gambling expression "shoot the moon"
> (go for broke, shoot the works).   Would anyone know its origin?
>     Is it perhaps a blend of "shoot for the moon" and "shoot the works"?
> ----Gerald Cohen
> gcohen at


Al Futrell, Ph.D. <al at>
University of Louisville, USA

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