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NEW GIRL NETWORK (continued)

     "The New Girl Network: A Power System for The Future" by Jane Wilson
starts on page 47 of NEW YORK magazine, 4 April 1977.  SAVVY magazine was
being introduced and promoted.  From pg. 47, col. 1:

     What is needed now is a way to galvanize progress, and the "new girls"
network is proving itself an effective means of ending isolation and
passivity among ambitious women.  The "old boys" have used this tool for
getting things done since the first hunting parties set out from the caves,
and for them one of its chief benefits has always been access to information.

     From pg. 48, col. 1:

     Some women in business have always hung out with other women in
business, but only in the last five or six years have there been enough of
them at locations other than the water cooler to make the phenomenon worthy
of a name: the new girl network.  It's impossible to say how large that
network is, since its members don't all know one another more than all the
men on the old boy network do.  But there are a lot of them, and they know
who they are. (...)


"It was in the Paper of Record."
--Parks Department employee rationalizing plagiarism of my work, March 2000.

     The cover story in NEW YORK magazine, 18 July 1977:

_No News Is Bad News_
_At the New York Times_
Why Your Newspaper of Record Is Getting Bigger, Not Better.

     Again in NEW YORK, 22 August 1977, pg. 7, col. 1:  "A mocked-up front
page of the 'newspaper of record' with that famous slogan 'All the News
That's Fit to Print' appeared on page 22."
     I don't remember "newspaper of record" in that 1950s HARPER'S article
that used "Old Grey Lady."

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