summer project-DARE pairs

Dfcoye at AOL.COM Dfcoye at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 26 13:30:58 UTC 2000

Number 12 should include a fourth beside crawdad, crayfish, etc... we called
them crabs in upstate NY, which I believe is in DARE (I haven't got it handy).

When I do something similar with my students (who are 99% New Jerseyans) I
ask them to chose someone from their own generation, parents generation, and
grandparents-- all native New Jerseyans.    Changes are evident in some words
(the increasing use of 'try and' vs. 'try to',  of the /ai/ pronunciation of
either at the expense of /i:/ are particularly dramatic.   In some cases
there is no change over the generations.    I use the pairs  drawer-draw,
woodchuck-groundhog as well.
Dale Coye
The College of NJ

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