Yale Cocktail (1895)

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YALE COCKTAIL (continued)

   This is a terrible omission by the OED!
   From MODERN AMERICAN DRINKS, HOW TO MIX AND SERVE ALL KINDS OF CUPS AND DRINKS (Merriam Company, NY, 1895) by George J. Kappeler, pg. 44:

   _Yale Cocktail._
   Fill a mixing-glass half-full fine ice, three dashes orange bitters, one dash Peyschaud bitters, a piece lemon-peel, one jigger Tom gin.  Mix, strain into cocktail-glass; add a squirt of siphon seltzer.

HIGH BALL (continued)

   Another citation is MIXOLOGY; THE ART OF PREPARING ALL KINDS OF DRINKS (Press of the Sunday Star, Wilmington, Del., 1898), pg. 10:

   _High Ball._
   Medium sized glass.  A little lemon juice, a little cracked ice, a good drink of whiskey; fill up with seltzer; stir slightly; serve.
   Brandy, Holland gin, Tom gin, or Scotch whiskey are used also in making High Balls.

   Hm.  Isn't a "High Ball" supposed to be in a "high" or "tall" glass?
   I guess Jesse has the "Martinez" from Jerry Thomas and the 1888 "Martini" in H. Johnson's book, right?

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